Festaè: Pyrogiochi's patented plastic-free fountain

Biodegradable, 100% eco-friendly, stunning, and entertaining ‚Äď Festa√® stands as the very first indoor fountain that boasts a plastic-free design, proudly patented by Pyrogiochi. Opting for Festa√® over a conventional indoor fountain saves a remarkable 7 tons of plastic annually.

Why choose Pyrogiochi?


Over 30 years of experience

Pyrogiochi is the leading Italian small fireworksand party supplies company in the CE categories: F1, F2, and P1.. Founded in 1984, the company guarantees beautiful, playfulandsafe products, for every kind of party all year round.Each product means quality, safety, and total control.

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CE Certified products

Pyrogiochi is one of the first European companies in the small fireworks field to have a CE-certified quality system. This was issued by the Berlin-based notified body 0589 BAMin compliance with the 2013/29 CE European Directive, which establishes strict rules for placing fireworks on the Community market. Our small fireworks are certified according to the ONU-ADR International Regulations for transporting dangerous products by road, rail, ship, and airway.


Leading Company

Pyrogiochi represents the leading Italian company in small fireworks production. ts sister company Pyrogiochi Hamburg, founded in 2006, represents an established reality in Europe in producing and distributing F1 products. Our products are distributed in 28 Countries, from Portugal to Azerbaijan; from Finland to Cyprus.

We are on a mission to bring fun to every party

More than

sparklers sold in one year

More than

fountain fireworks sold in one year*

More than

indoor fountain fireworks sold in one year*

Present in more than


More than

private label companies

More than

stores in Italy

*As of December 2021

What are our products?


Party Supplies

Sparklers, fountains, candles. Our party supplies and small fireworks are designed for all occasions: birthdays gender reveals, Halloween, and New Year’s Eve parties. Our mission is tosparkevery party.

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Wedding Day

Fountains, volcano fountains, confetti cannons, smoke bombs, and much more. Our small fireworks are designed to be 100% safe and to provide each wedding party with the dramatic scenic effect it deserves.


Private Label

Would you like to see your personalized design come to life with your brand logo? Pyrogiochi allows you to enjoy fireworks, party supplies, and personalized products based on your preferences and needs.


Pop Zone

Pyrogiochi offers a wide range of firecrackers, Roman candles, Catherine wheels, volcano fountains, safe firework batteries, compounds, and the highly demanded 0db batteries, to allow everyone enjoy fun, safe moments.

Linea Tony Scarpato per Pyrogiochi

By Tony Scarpato

Heir to six generations of Master’s of Fireworks, Tony Scarpatobrings his experience to collaborate with PyrogiochiThis partnership led to scenic firework batteries and compounds for every occasion. With 0db batteries too.

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We carefully take care of our packages, providing our customers withpersonalized display stands. Our fireworks , meet every need to make every New Year’s Eve party even more exciting, beautiful, and safe.

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