Pyrogiochi lights up every party

For over 40 years, Pyrogiochi has guaranteed party supplies and small fireworks suitable for every special occasion.

We want to ensure that every party will be as special as it deserves, from a birthday party to a New Year’s Eve one. That is why we offer products designed for every party during every year’s season.

We want to offer beautiful, fun, and safe products while following the highest quality standards.


The biggest Italian company in the small fireworks field

Although Pyrogiochi’s headquarters are in Pontedera, a small town in the province of Pisa, our company has always aimed at expanding to reach every country in the world.

With over 18.500.000 sparklers sold in one year, 2000 stores in Italy, and thanks to our presence in 28 countries, Pyrogiochi today represents the number one Italian brand in the party supplies and small fireworks field.


One of the first European companies BAM/CE certified

The attention and care we devote to designing every Pyrogiochi product have not gone unnoticed.

This is why our company is one of the first European companies in the fireworks field with a CE-certified quality system by the notified body 0589 BAM, , headquartered in Berlin. The certification is issued in compliance with the EU Directive 2013/29 CE, which controls the pyrotechnical products marketed in the Community Market.

On May 21, 2010 Pyrogiochi was the first European company to get the BAM certification for an F1 product, with the 0589-F1-0001 code.

Quality Certifications

Our quality system is BAM certified. After BREXIT, Certrust certified Pyrogiochi as a safe company for the UK market.

Exclusive Weco distributors in Italy