What are your customers looking for when they have to throw a party?



Providing your customers with unique small fireworks and party supplies meansmeeting the needs of every party. Your customers will always know that they can count on your company whenever they have to throw a party.



Impressing every guest is what everyone is aiming at when throwing a party. The standard party hat or the New Year’s Eve firework don’t have the wow-effect your customers want.

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Every party’s keyword is fun, but safety is the top priority. That is why your customers want to rely on safe and CE-certified products.

That is why becoming a Pyrogiochi reseller will make your customers happy and boost your margins

Entertainment and fun matter for Pyrogiochi. This is why we provide you with party supplies and small fireworks that could turn every occasion into an unforgettable experience .

What does it mean for your customers to know they can rely on your company whenever they want to throw the perfect party?

  • Less time wasted looking for the right products among different shops: you will be their number one choice. Always.
  • They will not have to settle, going for ordinary or standard products. You will provide them with the wow-effect they are looking for.
  • 100% safety guaranteed: your customers will always know how safe your products are.

This is the perfect combination to retain your clients, who will be happy to return, boosting your margins.

The Pyrogiochi catalog is perfect for every seasonal occasion. It means that your customers will repeatedly return, knowing you have what they want to celebrate their special occasions, such as birthdays, graduations, weddings, or New Year’s Eve.

Do you know why your customers will fall in love with our products?

Pyrogiochi is the Italian-leading company in the small fireworks and party supply field.

From a small company in the Pisa province to a leading company in the world, we have been active since 1984 to bring safety and entertainment to every party:

  • CE-certified products: Pyrogiochi was one of the first European companies to have a BAM/CE-certified quality system.
  • We have what your customers need for their parties in every season of the year: New Year’s Eve, weddings, Halloween, and birthday parties.
  • Our products are customizable . You can finally have your personalized products with your brand’s logo.

Download the Pyrogiochi catalog and become the reference point for your customers' parties

Give your customers and their parties all they need to have fun and stay safe. Thanks to Pyrogiochi you can do it, becoming the reference point for every party.

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