What makes Festaè so special?



The chance to enjoy wondrous celebrations while minimizing environmental impact is now a reality: the cellulose pulp replacing plastic in Festaè leaves no harmful residues, being fully biodegradable.


100% Eco-Friendly

Paper packaging, paper tube, biodegradable cap, and even food-contact safe certification: Festaè makes every celebration even more special, while also being kind to the environment.


A patent by Pyrogiochi

Festaè represents Pyrogiochi‘s groundbreaking development, a major leap for the entire sector towards a more sustainable future. This is an indoor fountain with an eco-friendly, plastic-free nozzle, patented under number 822V – SBT2.

Using Festaè results in a yearly reduction of 7 tons in plastic consumption

Given that the average indoor fountain tip weighs around 0.6 grams, switching to to the eco-friendlier Festaè instead of a similar non-eco-friendly product could result in saving over 7 tons of plastic each year.

An indoor fountain that’s beautiful, safe, fun, and plastic-free

Festaè is the first patented indoor firework fountain by Pyrogiochi taking a significant stride towards a greener future even for the pyrotechnics industry.

No plastic, just cellulose pulp, obtained from plant processing, completely biodegradable.

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